If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve run into the problem of having too much stuff and not enough space. In these cases the common solution is to load everything up and take it to a self-storage facility for safekeeping. But there’s another option, and for most homeowners it’s actually the better choice: building a storage building on your property. Learn why self-storage isn’t all it’s made out to be and why a dedicated storage shed could be better for you.

Steel Storage Building

The Many Costs of Self-Storage Units

Self-storage is advertised as a cheap and simple way to get clutter out of your home and into a safe and secure location. However, storage units often have hidden costs and drawbacks that the people using them don’t consider.

First, there is the monthly rental fee. While storage unit fees seem reasonable at first - the average storage unit rental fee is around $100 per month - keep in mind this fee is monthly for as long as you need the unit. Also, $100 a month is just an estimate. Many storage facilities charge much more than that, especially if they are in an urban area or if they offer climate-controlled storage. It’s not uncommon for storage units to cost $200 per month or more.

It’s also important to note you don’t get anything for your money after you’re done. Renting a storage unit doesn’t build any equity or change the value of your property. You’re just renting space and time, and to keep your things safe you need to keep paying the rental or move your belongings out.

Finally, using a storage unit can have hidden or secondary costs as well. For example, you might need to rent a moving truck or pickup truck to move large furniture or other bulky items to your storage unit. You might also have to pay extra fees to the storage facility, such as a security deposit or a fee for after-hours access.

Why Steel Sheds are Better

A steel shed on your property solves many of the issues with storage units:

Close to You

One of the biggest advantages of a steel shed on your property is that it’s right there, on your property. If you ever need to store anything else in your building or get anything out of storage, you don’t need to drive anywhere to get it. This closeness also makes it easier to transport items to and from storage.

In addition, keeping your belongings nearby also lets you get to things quickly without needing to ask for permission or help. Many storage facilities lock their gates after hours, making it difficult or impossible to get things you need quickly. You’ll never have that problem with a building you own yourself.

Less Expensive

If you plan on keeping your storage unit for more than a few months, building a shed on your property is almost certainly less expensive than renting a storage unit. For instance, at $125 a month, a storage unit will end up costing you $1,500 per year - not including any fees or extra costs.

In comparison, a steel shed might cost more initially, but once you’ve paid for it you have it forever. There is no recurring cost to a steel building, and maintenance and upkeep costs are negligible. This makes steel buildings a much better option for meeting your long-term storage needs.

More Space

If you have a lot of things to store or you need a large storage unit for big, bulky items, your costs can go up considerably. In contrast, you can build a large and durable steel building on your property for much less, giving you the space you need to store even the largest of your belongings. In fact, a steel building can even be a great place to store seasonal vehicles like boats and ATVs instead of paying to store them in dedicated storage areas (or leaving them exposed to the elements).

More Secure

Would you rather have important belongings and items in your backyard or in a storage locker across town? Most people would rather keep their things close, and a steel storage building allows you to do just that while keeping your property protected. In contrast, storage units force you to trust the staff and security devices at the facility. If they don’t take your security seriously, your belongings could be lost, stolen or damaged. 

More Value

One final benefit of building a storage building on your property is that you can recoup some of the expenses down the line as well. A storage building is an asset, and it can raise the value of your property when you sell your home - or you can sell the building on its own if you no longer need it. You don’t get any such benefit with a rented unit.

Get A Quality Storage Building Today

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