Steel Carports are the most affordable, durable, and strongest ways to protect your car, truck, RV or other vehicles. Bargain Barns USA's complete line of carports consists of a steel frame and steel panels.  Nearly all of the component use to construct our steel carports are made by our manufacturer to ensure that we can provide our customers with a top quality carport at the lowest price.  Don't let our affordable price fool you as we offer more features that are standard compared to many other companies.  Our standard features include:

  • Installation of our steel carports is FREE on your level land. 
  • Our steel frame is galvanized and we offer both 14 gauge or 12 gauge framing systems.
  • Our A-Frame steel carports have trim included on the eave side at no additional cost. Some companies do not even provide it as an option.
  • The price of our certfied carports have the anchors included and they are required on certified steel carports. Some companies offer certified-only units and then add a charge for the anchors that are required for certification.
  • Both of our non-certified and certified steel carports have center braces at the peak of the units. Some manufacturers either don't offer them or you have to pay extra for them.
  • For strenth, our non-certified and certified carports are equipped with center braces at the peak of the unit. 
  • We don't charge shipping or fuel surcharges for delivery on installed units.
  • All of the contractors that construct our steel carport must be covered by worker's compensation insurance. Do you want the risk of uninsured workers on your property?

Take a look at some our our units:


Steel Carport with Storage


Steel Carports


Steel Car Port


2-Car Steel Carport


2-Car Steel Carports


Custom Steel Covers


 Steel Storage Building


Utility Carports