Many people have a common misconception about carports. They think that, because the sides of the carport are open, they don’t provide effective protection for vehicles kept under them. It is true that a carport doesn’t provide as much protection as a full garage, but they still protect your vehicles from the elements. Learn more about the essential protection a carport provides.

How Carports Keep Your Vehicles Safe

When thinking about the protection a carport provides, it helps to consider all of the ways your car can be damaged by the elements. Cars are designed to be left outside, but any object left out in the elements for too long will suffer damage. For instance:

Solar radiation can cause your car’s paint to fade, cloud, or peel, and cause the interior to fade or (in the case of leather) crack and dry out.

Heat buildup in a car left out in the sun can damage the car’s electronics and personal belongings left in the vehicle.

Rain, snow and ice can damage your car’s paint, tires, and the rubber seals around your doors and windows over time. Exposure to rain and water can also cause your car’s frame to rust faster than if it were kept dry

More inclement weather, like hail and wind-blown debris, can cause extensive damage to any vehicle.

However, when protected under a carport, these threats are all neutralized. Carports are excellent at protecting your vehicles from all types of environmental damage, and are strong enough to stand up to even the toughest environments.

Other Benefits of Carports

Beyond the protection they offer, there are other reasons to consider a steel carport as well:

Cost-Effective Protection

One of the biggest benefits of carports is they protect your vehicles from all kinds of harm while still costing much less than a shed or traditional garage. A steel carport is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your property.

High Durability

One benefit of using steel for your carport is you get a strong, durable, and dependable structure that will last for many years without problems. Steel carports don’t need any special maintenance or care, and are strong enough to withstand all kinds of conditions and use without trouble.


Whether you live on a small suburban lot or a sprawling country property, a steel carport is a simple and painless addition. You can place a steel carport on virtually any surface, including concrete, gravel, and dirt. They can also be built as an addition to existing structures, and they can even be expanded or modified later on to suit your needs.


If you want more than just a standard carport, you can customize yours to your liking. For instance, you can order a carport with:

Taller sides to fit taller vehicles like lifted trucks, farm equipment, or RVs.

Enclosed sides to provide additional protection from wind, rain, and sun.

Enclosed ends to fully protect your property from the elements and any intrusion.

Attached storage buildings so you can use your carport as a shed for small items like lawn or garden equipment.

Decorative accents such as gables or arched panels to create the exact look you want for your property.

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