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Single Carports | Single Carport | 1-Car Carport

Single wide carports are usually 12' wide and this unit offers extra protection by enclosing both sides and the back end. This enclosed carport also has a gable end. This customer installed the Texas Star on the gable end of the metal carport.

What are Single Carports??

We designate our 12-wide carports as single carports or single-wide carports. We stock inventory of 12' wide in the single-wide carports. We can manufacture widths from 8' wide up to 16' wide in the single carport class. 12' wide carports are fine for a single vehicle, The maximum side height for single carports is equal to the width. For example, an 8' wide carport could not be taller than 8' on the side and a 12' wide carport could not have a side height taller than 12'. Our maximum side height for any structure is 14',/p>

Uses for Single Carports and 1-Car Carports

These products have many uses such as metalRV carports, single RV covers, motorhome carportsandmotorhome covers. In the slideshow below our customers have used them as steel shelters for propane filling stations and for other types of metal fuel shelters. They are commonly used as steel boat shelters and metal boat covers.

Features and Options for Single Carports and 1-Car Carports

All of our units start off as a metal or steel carport. You can add a number of features to our products such as gable ends, side panels, even ends, walk-in doors, and garage doors. In our single carport gallery, we show a 1-car carport that has a 5' section of the back end enclosed to creat a single carport with storage building or utility carport. In another gallery photo, we show an enclosed single carport that has both sides closed, the back end closed, and a gable on the front end. There are many features and options to customize carports to meet your specific need.

Why Buy Single Carports and 1-Car Carports?

The main reason out customers buy from us is because we offer the best quality, service, and best prices and they want to protect their investment! Whether your investment is a car, RV, mothorhome, atv, or other vechicle, our products offer long-term protection from the weather and the sun. We have 13 colors from which to choose which will certainly compliment your home or property's curb appeal as well as add value to your property.

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