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What are Motorhome Carports, Motorhome Covers, and Motorhome Shelters?

Motorhome carports or motorhome shelters are designed to meet your specific need. We build shelters from 12-wide for smaller, single motorhomes all the way up to 40' wide to provide protection and shelter for multiple motorcoaches. While many of our competitors only offer side heights up to 12', our maximum side height for motorhome carports is 14' and we offer that in both certified and non-certified models.'

Uses for RV Carports and RV Covers

These units are specifically designed as single RV carports or RV covers for multiple vehicles. Our motorhome carports and motorhome covers protect your investment from the sun, snow, wind, and rain. In the slideshow on this page, our customers have used these units as steel shelters for large motorhomes, smaller RV trailers, camper trailers, and more.

Features and Options for RV Shetlers and RV Covers

All of our units start off as a basic steel carport. You can choose features to add to those products such as gable ends, and side panels. Many customers simply opt for a RV canopy but we can building and install fully enclosed RV garages with roll-up garage doors and walk-in doors. The enclosed motorhome buildings offer the greatest protection. 

Why Buy RV Carports and RV Covers?

The main reason out customers buy from us is because we offer the best quality, service, and best prices and they want to protect their investment! Whether your investment is for a single motorhome shelter, canopy for multiple motorcoaches, or an enclosed mothorhome garage, our products offer long-term protection from the elements. We have 13 colors from which to choose which will certainly compliment your homel as well as add value to your property all while providing the best in protection for your motorhome or RV.

Call us today at 405-872-0338 and we will help you select an affordable, quality steel RV carport.