Single Car Carports, One Car Carports, RV Carports, Motorhome Shelters, Utility Carports

Single Car Carport for Church Bus 12 x 21 x 6

Our regular style single carports are our most economical carport. It is perfect for strong a single car, truck, van, or church bus carport as shown. This affordable carport is a 12 x 21 x 6 regular style unit. This 12' wide carport can be made longer or taller to fit your needs. This affordable steel carport is popular for budget-minded customers. Be sure to visit our single carport photo gallery to see other sizes and options.

Single Enclosed Carport 12 x 21 x 7

This vertical roof single carport features both sides closed, back end closed, and a gable on the front end. The vertical roof style is the best single wide carport that we offer. Vertical roof is designed to take water, snow, trash and leaves off to the each side of the unit. This partially enclosed carport is the perfect choice those customers that want a durable steel cover without a garage door. We offer several carport roof styles, all at a very affordable price.

Single Carport with Storage Building 12 x 26 x 6

Carports with utility storage are one of our popular items. This carport combo unit can protect your car or truck for the elements and provide storage building on the end of the unit. This affordable steel carport can be used to park your car and use as motorcycle storage, all at the same time. These utility carports can also be used to shelter your vehicle and store your valuable lawn equipment.

Single Wide RV Carport 12 x 31 x 9

Our steel car canopies can be used for motorhome covers, RV carports, travel trailer car ports, and more. These affordable metal carports are used to protect recreational vehicles from the wind, snow, and sun. They also double as boat storage shelters and are perfect in helping keep your investment looking great for many years.  We can customize your steel car port or metal shelter to fit your exact needs all at an affordable price.

Double Car Carports, Two Car Carports, Two Vehicle Carports, Double-Wide Carports

2 Car Metal Carports 20 x 21 x 6

2-car carports are perfect for protecting your vaulable investments from the weather. This regular style carport is the most afforadble style that we offer. Our double carports feature a 29 gauge roof panels and L-trim on each end of the metal panels. We can build wider, longer and taller car shelters to suit your application. Call us for the best price in your area.

2 Car Shelters 18 x 21 x 6

Our 2 car shelters can be customize to suit your needs. This double-wide carport features a 6 foot side height and with gable ends in the front and back of the unit. These gable ends help hide the roof structure of the metal canopy and it helps provide side-to-side strength. Our 2 car canopies can be installed on the ground, on asphalt, or on concrete. Installation is free on your level land.

Two Car A-Frame Carports 20 x 21 x 8

Two car a-frame carports with a vertical roof are the very best steel carports that we offer. The vertical roof panels and paint will last longer than those metal carports with horizontally install roof panels. This automobile carport features gable ends on the front and back of the unit and a full 3' panel on each side. These options offer protection from a blowing rain from all sides.

Double Car Metal Carport Cover 22 x 26 x 8

This double car metal carport cover is our boxed eave carport. It offers the same a-frame design as our vertical roof carports but has the panels installed horizontally. This is our middle grade carport or our 'better' grade. This 2-car carport is a little more affordable than the vertical roof carport. This double carport features a 18" wide x 26' long panel down each side.

Triple-Wide Carports, 30-Wide Carports, Triple Car Ports, 3-Bay Metal Carports

Triple Wide Car Port 30 x 21 x 8

Triple-wide carports spans span from 26' to 30' wide and offer enough space for three vehicles. This unit features the regular style and has a frameout on the left side so that the customer can enter into the unit from the side driveway. This style of triple-wide carport is the most economical style that we offer.

Triple Car Ports 30 x 26 x 12

Triple carports span from 26' to 30' wide. This 3-bay metal carport features the boxed eave roof with 2 gable ends and both sides closed for additional protection. This 30-wide steel carport could be fully enclosed if needed. Compare this steel buidling to the triple carport show below. This steel structure has horizontal panels on the sides and gables while the unit below has vertical metal on the gables and sides.

30-Wide Carport 30 x 36 x 10

This 30-wide carport is the perfect steel shelter for farm equipment and implements. All of our 30-wide steel shelters are also certified for wind and snow loads while many competitors offer uncertified 30-wide shelters at the same price of our certified units. This unit features a vertical roof with optional gable ends and a 3' x 36' panel down each side of the unit to provide some additional protection from the rain.

Triple Wide Steel Shed 30 x 31 x 12

Our triple-wide steel sheds are prefect for storing up to three vehicles, for hay storage, feed storage, and farm equipment storage. This unit features a vertical roof with a full 12' side height, the sides closed with vertical panels for a more commercial look. It also features gable ends with panels that follow the truss line for additional height clearance. Our triple wide metal sheds are affordable and include free installation on your level site.

RV Covers, RV Carports, Motorhome Cover, Motorhome Shelters, Motorcoach Carports

Steel Motorcoach Covers 18 x 41 x 12

Steel motorcoach covers are invaluable in protecting your expensive motorcoach. For literally a fraction of the cost of of a motorcoach, owner's can purchase steel RV carports overs to keep their vehicle's exterior in great condition while not in use. This unit features the regular style carport and is anchored to the concrete slab with concrete wedge anchors.

Metal RV Cover 12 x 41 x 12

Metal RV covers are prefect for motorhome covers, RV covers, fifth-wheel travel trailer canopies, horse trailer carports, and much much more. This regular carport style unit has optional panels down each side of the unit where the one to the right does not. This sheild the unit from blowing rain and snow and offers additional shade from the sun's damaging rays.

Steel RV Canopy 18 x 31 x 11

This steel RV canopy is of the boxed eave carport style. Bargain Barns USA can build steel canopies up to 14' tall and offer certified units where the customer wants them or where building inspections requires them. A certified rv canopy gives our customers the peace of mind they seek when looking for a long-lasting unit to protect their expensive recreational vehicles.

Steel Motorhome Structures 40 x 61 x 12

Steel motorhome structures are perfect for those that own more than one recreational vehicle. Consider a single motorhome structure to house all of your recreational vehicles. Don't throw storage rent away when you can own a fine steel rv building to shelter your motorhome, cover your party boat, store your jet skis, or cover a travel trailer! Call us today and find out just how affordable a steel motorcoach building can be.

Boat Carports, Boat Covers, Metal Boat Covers, Boat Storage Buildings

Boat Storage Carport 24 x 66 x 10

Boat storage carports offer protection for your valuable investment. Watercraft covers and storage are popular applications for many of the steel carports that well offer. This boxed eave style boat storage carport is 66 feet long and can house both the boat and the vehicle used for pulling on the trailer. Don't pay for boat storage when you can buy one of our steel boat storage covers at a great value!

Steel Boat Covers 17 x 21 x 9

Steel boat covers can be placed adjacent to your home. This homeowner wanted a custom width so that the metal cover could be placed between his home and the shrubbery and fence line. We were able to manufacture the width that he needed and to provide him with the boat shelter that he wanted. As our can see in our boat cover gallery, the boat cover looks nice next to the home and the customer installed gate provides additional protection.

Metal Boat Storage Building 18 x 41 x 8

Metal boat storage buildings can be fully enclosed like the one shown here. This boat storage building features our most economical style roof type and provides the enclosed steel building that the homeowner wanted for his boat and other items. The wider door is offset in the front end wall while the rest of the metal garage wall is behind the fence. We can customize most anything to fit your needs.

Metal Boat Garage 20 x 26 x 9

Metal boat garages are excellent for all types of watercraft. This fully enclosed garage offers a boxed eave roof and has two storage bays. The boat owner wanted a walk-in door in the side of the unit so that he would not have to open and close the garage doors when entering and exiting the unit. This steel boat garage was installed in just under a day and you can own one too, all at a very affordable price.

Utility Carports, Carport With Utility Building, Carport with Utility Storage, Combo Carports

Carport With Storage Building 12 x 26 x 6

Carports with storage buildings are the perfect fit for homeowners that need storage for their lawn equipment as well as park their cars. This unit features our most affordable steel carport with a 12W x 5L storage building on the end of the unit. It also features a 6 x 6 roll-up door on the front of the metal storage building.  The homeowner can lock up their valuables in the storage building as well as park a single car under the steel car shelters.

Utility Carports 18 x 26 x 6

Utility carports are metal carports with a utility storage building built on one end of the unit. They are great for storing larger, heavier equipment in the shelter section of the unit and for locking up other smaller, lighter equipment that thieves might walk off with easily. This unit features a 18W x 5L utility storage with a 6 x 6 roll-up door on the front end wall. This steel utility storage can be installed at our location by our insured crews in just hours.

Carport with Utility Storage 20 x 31 x 7

Carports with storage offers a carport or canopy to shelter your vehicles and can also provide a secure steel storgage unit for motorcycle storage or atv storage. This unit features a boxed eave carport with a 20W x 10L utility storage building. The unit is wide and long enough to accomodate two mid-size cars while offering about 200 square feet of storage.

Steel Carport with Utility Storage 20 x 26 x 9

This deluxe steel combo carport with utility storage offers the best of both worlds. It can be used as a both a carport and a fully enclosed garage, as  carports with storage building, or as a garage and to provide a open canopy for other types of storage. The vertical style roof on this unit is the best of all of the steel roof styles that we offer. This unit also has a half end wall to protect whatever the owner stores in the open section of the unit.

Side Entry Carports, Carports with Side Entries, Carport Pavillions, Metal Picnic Shelters

Side Entry Metal Carport 22 x 20 x 9

Side entry metal carports are the perfect addition to the gable end side of your home. This unit was built to provide potection for the owner's vehicle and for auto utility trailer storage. This side entry steel carport has a vertical roof, two-side entries with 45 degree openings and a half end closed.

Side Entry Carport Pavillion

This side entry carport pavillion has a total of size side entries with 45 degree openings and the ends also offer the same style opening. This steel cover is used as a food shelter during camping events at this park and for shade during the fall county fair. This unit is installed onto the ground and is vertified to meet the areas wind and snow load requirements.

3-Bay Metal Side Entry Carport 24 x 30 x 9

This 3-bay metal side entry carport is used as a picnic shelter. Our side-entry steel carports are versatile and can be customed for most applications.  It features a vertical roof, two gable ends, 3-side frameouts with the decorative 45 degree angles at the top of the frameouts, and one of the sides are closed. This steel picnic canopy is perfect for church picnic shelters, park picnic shelters, and in this case, a picnic canopy for a go-cart amusement track.

Metal Side Entry Picnic Shelter 24 x 100 x 10

Our custom designed metal side entry picnic shelter was installed for a civic organization in North Carolina. A VFW post there was in dire need to replace their aging wood picnic shelters. They were rotting and some were infested by termites. The organization chose our steel picnic shelters because of price, quick installation time, and resistance to pests. We can customize our steel buildings to meet almost any need.