If you’re looking to build an environmentally-friendly carport or garage, building it from wood might seem like the obvious choice. After all, wood is renewable and biodegradable, which makes it the most environmentally conscious, right? Wrong. Steel buildings are every bit as “green” as wooden ones, for several reasons.

Green Building

1. Recyclability

The single biggest green benefit of steel is how recyclable it is. Steel recycling is a huge industry, and recycled steel accounts for a huge portion of all the steel used in modern construction. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, steel is the single most recycled material on Earth – in 2012, 88 percent of all disposed steel was recycled into new products. 

What makes steel so perfect for recycling? Recycled steel’s chief draw is that it is every bit as strong and durable as new steel. In fact, of every three tons of new steel produced in North America, two tons of it is produced from recycled steel. This makes it extremely environmentally-friendly, as the use of new resources is far lower than with other building materials. 

Additionally, steel can be recycled many times with no loss in quality. When you buy a steel building and erect it, it will stand for as long as you need it to. When you’re done, that steel is easily recycled into new products like cars, appliances, packaging, or new construction.

2. Longevity

Steel’s strength and durability give it other environmental benefits as well. One such benefit is a long lifespan. Steel buildings have a much longer useful life than wood buildings due to their structural properties. Whereas wood rots or degrades over time, steel remains strong over many years. 

Because steel’s lifespan is longer than that of other materials, it actually uses less materials and resources. A wood building may need to be repaired several times over the course of its lifespan in order to stay functional. In contrast, steel buildings rarely need major repairs or replacements – once they’re built, they stay up. That makes a steel carport or garage a much more environmentally friendly option over the long term.

3. Ease of Construction

The green benefits of steel aren’t all related to its strength. Another great fact about steel buildings is that they are extremely easy to construct compared to other materials. Steel carports and steel garages are constructed for easy assembly. When they are delivered to the customers, they simply get bolted or welded together on top of the concrete pad or leveled ground. This makes them quick and easy to build compared to other building types.

Why is this a green benefit? Because they’re quick to construct, they require less resources and man-hours to build. They take less energy and fuel to put together, and steel’s light weight also makes it easy to transport. Additionally, steel structures can be expanded much more easily than other building types – it’s simple to add additional pieces to a steel building. This makes them very green compared to buildings made of other materials.

4. Energy Efficiency

Though many still have the perception that steel buildings are difficult to insulate and keep at a constant temperature, this couldn’t be farther from today’s truth. Modern steel structures are every bit as energy efficient as buildings made with more expensive and time-consuming construction methods. 

Several new techniques and methods have contributed to this boost in energy efficiency. For instance, steel buildings can now be made with factory-insulated panels that boast insulation values that rival traditional wood-frame construction with batted or blown insulation. 

Another advance is the roof – steel roofs can now be made with special coatings or pigments that help reflect light and solar radiation, keeping the whole building cooler. These “cool metal roofs,” as they’re known in the steel building world, have the capacity to save an owner thousands of dollars in cooling costs in warmer climates.

5. Lower Costs

The final benefit of steel buildings is not just a green benefit, but a personal one as well. Steel structures such as carports, sheds, and buildings cost less than equivalent structures made of wood, aluminum, or other materials. They cost less to buy and less to manufacture. When you purchase a steel building, you can then put the savings towards other green improvements for the structure or your home. 

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