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You've heard the old saying, "How does it compare, apples to apples?" When it comes to vertical roof carports, garages, and barns, there is no comparison! All of our metal carports and steel garages have a true overhang off of each end. Our trim for those buildings is the best looking in the business! In this industry, most metal carports and steel garages are advertised as 18' x 21', 20' x 26', 24' x 41', etc. That measurement is the roof canopy. Many competitors, on the vertical roof style buildings, cut off that overhang on each end of the building because they are using and installing a cheaper piece of "corner trim" or "eave trim" on that end of the building. When they do that, their roof canopies are only 20' long when they advertise 21' long.

We used a special piece of trim that we make in house that we call vertical roof trim. It covers both the tube and the hat channel used to support the steel panels and gives a much better appearance than the cheaper corner trim. When you buy a 21' roof canopy from us, you are getting a 21' roof canopy. Our vertical roof trim is more expensive to make than the corner or eave tiim but it looks so much better as shown in the photos. We provide this at the same prices (or better) than our competitors. We appreciate your business and we are committed to provide with with a superior product at the same price of the inferior products!