Thinking about getting a new barn? You probably already know how many different options and choices there are. One of the most popular types of barn today is the metal barn. Metal barns offer many advantages over wooden barns, but there are still plenty of people who either don’t know much about them or who have the wrong information. To help you make the best decision, we’ve put some important information together about metal barns and what sets them apart.

Metal Barns Can Stand Up to Strong Storms

One question we’re often asked is if a steel barn can stand up to wind and storms as well as a wooden barn can. The answer? Of course. Whether you live somewhere that experiences strong thunderstorms, high winds, hail storms, or other extreme weather, a metal barn can handle it. Many of our metal barns are certified to stand up to 130 mph winds, and they are more resistant to damage and debris than wooden barns are.

Metal Barns Are Less Expensive Than Wood

Another popular misconception is that a steel barn is a pricier option. In truth, the material and installation costs for steel barns are often less than wooden barns. Most steel barn manufacturers include the cost of installation together with the purchase price of the barn itself, meaning there are no separate costs for installation after you purchase.

Plus, metal barns are also much less expensive to use and maintain than wooden barns are. The maintenance costs for a quality metal barn are almost nonexistent, since a metal barn never needs to be painted or stained. And since steel is naturally more resistant to damage than wood, metal barns tend to cost less than wood barns while also lasting longer.

Metal Barns Don’t Require Special Treatment

As we mentioned above, steel barns are largely maintenance free. Many people believe that steel barns require special maintenance in order to avoid rust and other problems, but this isn’t true. The high-quality galvanized steel used in barn construction resists rust and corrosion. This helps to keep your barn standing strong many years after you purchase it.

Metal barns are also more resistant to other problems than wood, such as warping, mold, rot, and insect and rodent infestations. Overall they are mostly maintenance free, which leaves you with more time and resources to actually use your barn instead of working on it.

Metal Barns Can Go on Almost Any Foundation

While concrete pads are usually the go-to foundation for metal buildings, they aren’t required. In fact, metal barns and farm shelters can be installed on almost any surface, including bare soil, gravel, and asphalt. In other words, your barn can go on virtually any level surface with enough space. This makes steel barns very convenient and very versatile.

Metal Barns Can Be Insulated

When you live somewhere that gets cold during the winter or hot during the summer, it’s important to provide your animals and your property with a safe, comfortable shelter. Metal barns are perfect for this need because they can be insulated with many types of insulation, protecting the inside from rapid temperature change. Insulation also helps to prevent condensation problems in your barn, keeping you healthy and preventing heat loss and water damage.

Metal Barns Can Be Expanded and Customized

Worried that you might need additional space after you install your barn? Don’t be - metal barns are easy to expand and customize to suit your needs. You can expand the size of your barn after it is installed with a minimal amount of work. Plus you can customize your barn exactly how you want when you order it, including by changing the number or type of doors, choosing a new roof style, or making the barn taller or shorter. All the choices are up to you.

Metal Barns Can Be Certified

Finally, if you want or need a certified building a metal barn is a great choice. Since metal barns are pre-engineered, it is very easy to order one that meets engineering standards. Make sure you check the requirements in your township or county to see what the requirements are for barns and certification, or give us a call at (405) 872-0338 to talk about our certified buildings and your needs.

No matter what you plan to do with your steel barn, our quality structures are up to the challenge. Call Bargain Barns USA today at (405) 872-0338 or toll-free at (888) 607-4060 to order your metal barn or ask us your questions. You can also visit us on Facebook to see pictures and read more news from our expert team.