One of the best things about metal barns is how versatile they are. Because they are so customizable, they’re appropriate for almost any use you can think of. Not sure if you could use a metal barn? Here are a few of the many creative ways some of our buyers have put our barns to use. Maybe you can think of something else!

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Ways You Could Use a Metal Barn

Shelter for Livestock or Animals

One popular use of metal barns and buildings is as a livestock shelter. Metal barns are great for protecting livestock from the elements because of their durability and longevity. Unlike a wooden barn that needs constant upkeep and maintenance, a metal barn will serve you and your animals well for many years with only minimal work required from you.

Shelter for Feed or Hay

Along with keeping animals protected, metal barns and buildings are also perfect for keeping hay, straw, and feed out of the elements. They’re also better at keeping feed protected from scavengers like rodents and birds. Or, depending on your needs, you can make your metal barn into a hay or feed shelter for animals out to pasture by leaving the walls off and leaving it open on the sides.

Equipment Storage

Metal barns are perfect for storing any kind of equipment, from lawn tractors to combine harvesters. Depending on your needs you can order metal barns with clear spans anywhere between 12 and 40 feet wide and up to 14 feet high. This is big enough to store even the largest farm and ranch equipment and keep it protected from the elements. You can even choose from both closed- and open-ended styles to get exactly the shelter you want.


Building a good workshop isn’t easy - unless you build it out of steel. A steel building makes an excellent workshop for almost any project, from mechanical work on your tools and equipment to hobby work like woodworking or sculpture. Metal buildings are easy to insulate and customize with interior features like shelves and lighting. They are naturally fire-resistant, which helps protect your work (and lowers your insurance burden). And they can be constructed much faster and more easily than wood buildings, so you can get to work faster.

Indoor Arenas

Because they are capable of creating a large, clear span quickly and easily, metal barns make an excellent choice if you want to build an indoor riding arena. They’re also easy to customize, including with extra windows, doors on both ends, and plenty of ventilation when necessary.

Office or Workspace

If you run your own business - and sometimes even when you don’t - an office or workspace outside of your home can be a great investment. Metal barns make excellent standalone work buildings, or you can customize the interior space of your barn to include room for an office or administrative area. No matter what you need, the customizable nature of a metal building makes it great for any kind of interior space.

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