When you order a carport, many things happen before it reaches your property. The carport ordering and installation process is more complex than many people realize. If you want to know where your carport is or how long it will take to reach you, you can read through the process and learn more.

Steel Carport Installation

Carport Ordering and Installation Process

Ordering and installing a carport is a multi-step process. For most carports, the process goes like this:

  • Step 1 - You call in or visit us and order your carport to your specification. This includes specifying any accessories or options you want, such as dimensions, colors, roof styles, and gables.
  • Step 2 - We secure your order to your specifications from the manufacturer. In most cases this is a very quick process, but if you order custom pieces or designs it could take longer for them to manufacture the carport.
  • Step 3 - We have your carport order shipped to one of our regional distribution centers, where a trained and certified installer in your area picks it up. The installer then adds your order to their queue for installation.
  • Step 4 - Once the installer receives your order, our scheduling department will call you to set up a delivery and installation time. In most cases we contact you 5 to 7 days ahead of installation.
  • Step 5 - When the installer is ready to install your carport, they deliver it to your property and install it on your specified site. Installation usually takes just a few hours, but can take longer depending on the size and style of the carport you ordered.

Customer Responsibilities

When you order a carport, there are a few things you should do to make sure your installation goes smoothly:

  • Prepare your site! Your carport site needs to be level at the very least. If you are installing your carport over concrete or asphalt, the surface also needs to be fully cured before installation can begin.
  • Ensure the crew has access. If you have a fence or gate between the road and your installation site, make sure the installation crew can access your site easily with their equipment. If you need to be present for the crew to gain access (such as providing a gate code) make sure you can be there during the installation window.
  • Be patient. Sometimes crews encounter unavoidable or unforeseeable delays. If you have questions, feel free to call and we’ll do our best to get you the information you need.

Preparing and Leveling Your Carport Site

One of the most time-consuming parts of getting your carport installed happens before the installation even begins. Preparing and leveling the site for your carport takes a good bit of effort, especially if you are putting in a concrete or asphalt pad. Here is a simple breakdown of the steps you’ll need to follow to prepare your carport site:

  • Choose a Material - Grass, gravel, concrete and asphalt all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Make sure you choose the right surface for your carport, and take into account how long it will take to install.
  • Clear the Area - If you are installing your carport on clear ground, you’re good to go. Otherwise, make sure you remove any trees, shrubs, and other obstacles before you start leveling. If you’re putting your carport next to your house, you also need to make sure you have sufficient clearance from the roof line and any extensions (like stairs or patios). For setup purposes, we generally require a perimeter of three feet around your carport site so there is room for workers to use ladders and tools to build the carport and attach side panels properly.
  • Check for Utilities - Any time you dig in the ground, it’s important you have the ground checked for buried utility lines first. Call your utility company or your municipality's free utility marking service to have a technician come and mark your lines.
  • Measure, Stake and String Your Site - Using the dimensions of the carport you ordered or plan to order, measure it out on your chosen site and place stakes at all four corners. Then tie string or twine between each stake tight enough that there isn’t any slack in the lines. If your ground is very rough, you can also put strings through the middle of your site in an ‘X’ shape, or add extra stakes along the sides and string between them to make a grid.
  • Level the Strings - Starting from the corner that appears to be the highest, level the string between each stake using a handheld level. Assuming your site is not level already, this will result in the string being higher or lower on some stakes than others.
  • Measure the Height of the String - At each stake, measure how high the string is from the ground level. The stake where the ground is the closest to the string is the high point, and the stake where the ground is furthest from the string is the low point.
  • Level the Ground - The final step is to add and remove dirt as needed until the site is level. As you add and remove dirt, keep leveling and measuring the string heights until they are approximately the same across all the stakes. You can also measure the height along the string itself to ensure the ground between each stake is level as well.

Once your site is level, you can then consider pouring a concrete pad or surfacing the ground with gravel or asphalt. These processes are also labor-intensive - you may want to consider having a contractor handle them for you.

Can Carport Orders Be Delayed?

In rare cases, unforeseen or unavoidable complications can delay your carport installation. If your carport is delayed - or you want to do what you can to avoid any problems - you should know what causes delays beforehand.

Some of the most common causes of carport installation delays are:

  • Inclement Weather - The most common cause of carport delays is simply weather problems. Storms, wet ground, snowfall and high winds can all lead to delays.
  • Manufacturing Delays - If you order a custom carport or have special parts and options, your carport could take slightly longer to manufacture and ship to the installer. However, in these cases the manufacturer usually communicates with you to give you an estimated delivery window.
  • Customer Mistakes - In some cases carport installations are delayed due to mistakes made by the customers themselves. These mistakes can include:
    • Not leveling their site properly before installation.
    • Not clearing the site of obstacles or belongings.
    • Not properly marking the site to let installers know where the carport should be installed.
    • Not providing sufficient access to the site for parts and equipment.
  • High Demand - Especially if you order a carport during peak season (spring and early summer) it could take a while for your installation to be ready simply because there are so many other customers in line before you. Our carports are extremely popular!

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