At first glance, the name “utility carport” seems kind of funny. After all, aren’t all carports supposed to offer utility? However, once you own and use one for a little while, you’ll realize that a utility carport from Bargain Barns USA is very different from your normal carport or shed. It might actually be the most versatile metal building we offer.

What is a Utility Carport?

Utility Carport

In its basic form, a utility carport is sort of a combination between an open-side carport and an enclosed storage shed or garage. One end of the carport remains open to the outdoors, covered by just the roof of the structure. A deeply-recessed wall with a garage door then encloses the rest of the structure, creating a fully-protected storage area alongside the carport.

Why is this such a great product? Perhaps more than any other structure we sell, utility carports are versatile. There are literally hundreds of different ways owners could use these structures, and they’re supremely easy to customize and modify. In other words, a utility carport can provide exactly the storage and protection you need in a wide variety of situations.

Some Uses for Utility Carports

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at a few of the ways some other owners have put their utility carports to use in the past.

Outdoor equipment storage: If you have a lot of property to take care of, you probably have a riding tractor or zero-turn mower to handle it all. However, anyone who owns one of those machines knows how hard it can be to get in and out of a raised shed or to maneuver around a cramped garage. With a metal utility carport, you can use the carport section to store your larger equipment like lawn tractors, and use the storage building to keep tools and hand equipment safe from the elements.

Recreational storage: Ever tried to back a boat into a garage? If you have, you know it’s something you don’t want to do too often. On the other hand, your tools and accessories need a safe place for winter storage or theft protection. A steel utility carport lets you put your boat, jet skis, or other trailered equipment under a roof without backing it through a narrow garage door, but also gives you the option of keeping life vests, fishing rods, water skis, ropes, and other equipment safely indoors.

Functional RV protection: RVs and mobile home trailers are great at a lot of things, but sitting unused without protection isn’t one one of them. If you have an RV or trailer and want to keep it in good shape, you need an RV carport to keep it under. A metal utility RV carport can provide the protection you need for your recreational vehicle while also giving you enclosed storage for other equipment, outdoor tools, and seasonal items.

RV Carport

Indoor-Outdoor workshops: Plan on using your metal building as a workshed or outdoor shop? A utility carport can give you a capable and versatile indoor-outdoor combination. The enclosed indoor portion is perfect for small projects and tool storage, while the outdoor sheltered area is great for working on engines and large equipment that wouldn’t fit in a standard garage.

Carport plus Garage: Maybe you have two cars - a daily driver and a special-occasions classic? Keep one locked up tight in its own garage and keep the other accessible yet protected under the attached carport.

Other Utility Carport Benefits

If you’ve never considered a metal building before, you should know that all-steel construction offers a number of benefits over traditional wooden-frame building methods. When you order a steel utility carport from Bargain Barns USA, you get:

  • Tons of Options - Want to make your carport or garage side entry? Want to add extra windows, locking doors, or gabled roof ends? Want to change the size of the carport or garage section? We can do all of that and more.
  • Free Delivery and Installation - When you buy a steel carport from us, you get free delivery and installation included automatically. Other companies charge extra or hide these costs from you before you buy, but we offer these services at no extra cost to every customer!
  • Amazing Support - If you have a question, a problem, or just need help with something, we’re available to answer your questions and help you out.

Want to learn more about the benefits of our steel buildings and what you can do with them? Contact us today at Bargain Barns USA and we’ll answer all your questions! You can also view all of our steel carport and metal garage prices online, or learn more about our products and services on our Facebook and Google+ pages.