Though steel buildings come in an almost infinite range of sizes and shapes, they are almost always constructed in one of two ways. The steel frame of the building can be secured using welds that bind the pieces together permanently, or using bolts that can be removed and replaced. At Bargain Barns USA we offer both weld-up and bolt-up buildings for sale, and we know that each product has its own advantages for different buyers.

Weld-Up Building

Weld-Up Buildings

If price is your chief concern, weld-up buildings offer a more economical alternative than bolt-up structures. Since weld-up buildings require less parts and less tooling to manufacture and construct than a comparable bolt-up building, they generally cost less. 

Another advantage of weld-up buildings from Bargain Barns USA is that we can manufacture them with the weld plates already built in, so they’re easier for non-welders to construct. All you’ll need to do is prepare the surface where you’ll construct the building; most buyers of weld-up structures build them on a concrete pad for added strength and stability. 

Finally, weld-up buildings are often stronger than bolt-up buildings, since the pieces of the frame are permanently connected using full welds. However, these permanent connections can also have a downside if the building is ever damaged or needs other repairs, as the frame pieces in question will have to be cut out and new parts will have to be welded in place. In general though, the combination of price, strength, and straightforward construction make weld-up buildings a great option for storage units, workshops, and any other type of enclosed steel structure you need. 

Bolt-Up Buildings

Though they all share a name, there are actually several types of bolt-up buildings you can buy. Bolt-up buildings differ mostly in the type of frame pieces they use, though all share the similar characteristics of being easy to assemble and repair.

Unlike a weld-up building, a bolt-up steel structure is extremely easy to construct. Since the pieces are simply bolted together, almost anyone with the time and tools can construct one of these metal buildings. In general (and depending on the size of the building) a bolt-up building takes less than a day to put together, making it a great option for anyone who needs a simple and fast carport, building, or shelter.

As we noted above, another advantage of bolt-up buildings is their ease of repair. Putting a new piece into a bolt-up building is as easy as unbolting the damaged part and replacing it with a new one. There is no cutting, welding, or other specialized labor required. If you’re worried about damage to your structure or you want to repair it yourself should it ever be damaged, a bolt-up building is probably your best option.

Some customers worry that a bolt-up building won’t be strong enough to stand up to heavy weather or constant use, but we’re happy to say that a bolt-up building is very comparable in strength to a welded one. It is true that, under extreme stress, a welded joint is stronger than a bolted one, but these conditions are so uncommon that most customers will never have to worry about bolts failing. Just consider that many of the tallest skyscrapers and biggest bridges in the world are bolted together rather than welded, and you’ll see that bolts are plenty strong enough for a carport or garage.

Really, the choice between a bolt-up building and a weld-up building is like a choice between luxury cars. There may be a few differences in style and price, but overall you will always get a high-quality, well-made product that will last for years. If you want to know more about our steel buildings and structures, contact Bargain Barns USA today. We’ll go over all your questions and give you free estimates so you can make the choice that’s right for you.