You’re probably familiar with many of the advantages of metal buildings. For instance, you likely know that a well-made steel building is extremely strong, and that it can protect your cars, RV, or other possessions from rain, snow, and hail. But did you know that a metal shed or metal garage can also save you money?

Metal Building

There are a number of factors that make metal buildings less expensive to construct or maintain than an equivalent wood-framed building. Read on to find out what they are!

Lower Construction Costs

The biggest money-saving aspect of metal buildings is that they’re cheaper to construct than wood-framed structures. Steel is lighter and easier to handle than wood, meaning its easier and cheaper to transport. It also results in less waste, meaning the cost of cleaning up your building site is lower. And because every component in a steel barn or steel garage is machined precisely to fit the other parts, construction goes faster than it does with wood. All of these factors combined result in a significant cost savings over traditional construction techniques.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Maintaining your new steel garage or shed is easy, far easier than maintaining a wood-framed building. Wooden frames are subject to a number of problems, including damage from insects like ants and termites, rot and moisture damage, and warping and buckling after exposure to the weather. Metal buildings don’t have the same problems, and are overall much simpler to maintain. The all-steel exterior of a metal garage or shed is weather- and moisture-resistant, and does not face problems from insects or other pests. And metal buildings handle inclement weather much better than wooden ones, too. For many customers, the only maintenance their buildings ever need is a quick wash with the hose once a year!

Lower Insurance Rates

Potentially the biggest drawback of a wood-frame building is its vulnerability to fire and other problems. Most wooden buildings have a “C”-level fire resistance rating, meaning they are somewhat vulnerable to fires. Contrast this to the “A”-level rating of metal buildings, which means they are highly fire-resistant. But this better rating doesn’t just mean that metal buildings are safer than wooden ones (even though they are). It also means your insurance rates and premiums can go down, saving you more money over time. This can be a big advantage to homeowners and businesses alike.

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