With a wide variety of both steel carports and metal garages, at Bargain Barns we’re often asked by customers whether a garage or a carport would be better for their needs. If you’ve ever had the same question, don’t worry: We’ve put together a short guide on the differences between steel garages and carports, to help you decide which one might be right for you.

1. Cost

One of the biggest differences between a steel carport and a steel garage is the cost. In almost every case, a garage will cost more than a carport of the same size, simply because it requires more material. So if cost is a major concern for your garage or carport project, you might be happier with a simpler structure. Also, remember to consider the additional costs of local regulations and building codes. Garages are subject to more regulation than carports are, so you’ll also pay less for certification and inspection. However, garages depreciate less than carports do, and add more overall value to the home when you’re trying to sell.

2. Protection

Because garages are enclosed structures and carports are not, a well-constructed steel garage will protect cars and other items better than a carport will. However, both garages and carports are decent at protecting cars and trucks from most types of weather. Rain, snow, and hail are all stopped by carports or garages. However, due to their open nature, carports lend themselves less to storage than garages do. A steel garage can be used to protect cars, but can also be used as a workspace, storage area, or even an extension of your home. A carport is really only for protecting cars, because anything else kept under them could be subject to moisture, wind damage, or theft.

3. Style

Because garages have a roof and four walls, they appear much more solid than a carport. However, building one right next to your home can create problems for image-conscious buyers: they change the lines of the home, and they might not match the style of the original house. A carport, on the other hand, does little to affect the way a house looks, making it a good choice for buyers that don’t want a drastic change. I think they both change the way a house looks. Can you elaborate more or change this a bit?

However, metal garages are also more customizable, and at the right price can be altered to look like a natural extension of your home. Custom metal garages can be crafted in virtually any size or style, so if you want the maximum in protection and looks, they’re the best choice.

In the end, both carports and garages are adept at keeping cars safe from weather damage and debris. To choose which one is best for you, think about your resources and your needs, then find the best product in our extensive catalog.

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